Patient Data Privacy

Consent for Doctor to Keep Patient Record from Teleconsultation

In addition to my consent for telemedicine consultation, my doctor asked me to give a separate consent to transcribe the details I provide during teleconsultation into paper format for my patient chart in compliance with the Health Privacy Act of 2012. My doctor explained that this is similar to keeping my data in paper charts in the clinic or in the electronic medical record. I understand that this is done to help in my ongoing or future healthcare. My doctor also assured that any digital files requested during the teleconsultation, including but not limited to videos and photos, will be deleted immediately after the teleconsultation. I trust that my doctor will do his best to keep my data safe from theft, corruption, loss, illegal use or sharing in social media.

By submitting the booking form for a telemedicine consultation, I also give my consent for my doctor to transcribe details from our teleconsultation for my medical record.

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